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1. Exhibit space is offered to returning exhibitors with the understanding that management has final decision for acceptance and placement.

2. Management reserves the right to modify the space plan as necessary for appearance or general display guidelines, or in order to conform with all City, County, State and Federal laws and regulations, or building requirements. This includes any Covid-19 health mandates and/or restrictions. The exhibitor shall arrange their space and display so that it will not interfere or obstruct from view the other displays and spaces in the show. Management reserves the right of all decisions in this area.

3. Only the business signing this application will be allowed to exhibit. Sharing of the space or distribution of materials from any other business is strictly prohibited. The business signing this application shall not sublet the exhibit space. Exhibit spaces must be staffed during all public show hours.

4. You are required to register with the Washington State Dept. of Revenue and to collect sales tax at any of our shows held in Washington State. If you do not have a tax registration number (UBI number), you may call the Telephone Information Center toll free at 1-800-647-7706. A new state law requires that the promoter verify this information and you will be unable to participate in the event without a UBI number. Any fines incurred from the Washington Dept. of Revenue by the exhibitor’s failure to register will be levied against the exhibitor.

5. The majority of your exhibit must be in place by Wednesday at 10 p.m. prior to Thursday’s opening. No exhibits may be dismantled or moved prior to time of closing on final day of show. All displays must be removed from the buildings by 8:00 p.m. on the Monday following the close of the show. If your display is not removed by 8:00 p.m. Monday, it will be removed at an additional expense to you.

6. Exhibitors’ carpet must not extend into aisle. Literature must not be passed out or distributed from aisles. Exhibitor signs or banners are only allowed within the contracted booth area. Any literature or promotion material such as signs and banners are not allowed over the aisles or in areas other than your exhibit space. No exhibit space higher than 8 feet without special permission from show management. The Spokane County Fire Code requires that all table coverings be at least 6 inches off the floor unless it is specially treated flame- retardant material. Updated Electrical Requirements: From the Fire Marshal – Only approved and grounded electrical extension cords are allowed Electrical extension cords and relocatable power taps (power strips) are required to be plugged directly into approved receptacles. No small gauge cords, two prong cords and/or multi-plug adapters are allowed. No daisy chaining or combining of extension cords/power strips.

7. No nailing, drilling or doing anything to change the appearance of the walls or floors. Any damage found will be charged to the exhibitor responsible.

8. NO OPEN FLAMES, NO SMOKING and NO PETS are allowed in any of the Spokane Fair & Expo Center buildings. NO GAS BALLOONS or similar novelties are to be given away or sold. NO FOOD ITEMS may be sold.

9. No political, campaign or controversial material may be distributed from any exhibit area or exhibit space. (Other show brochures, flyers, newspapers, or free handouts must have show manger’s approval before distributed or posted)

10. Use of public address systems and other sound amplification is not permitted except by special arrangement and approval of the show manager.

11. Only non-profit or charitable organizations are allowed to conduct raffles as per RCW 9.46.0315 and RCW 9.46.0321 and must be conducted in accordance to all applicable rules and regulations. If you have any questions or need further assistance, contact the Washington State Gambling Commission at 1-800-345 2529.

12. All exhibitors agree that no vulgar, offensive or obscene material of any type or nature will be displayed, exhibited, presented or offered for sale. The show manager, shall be the sole judge of what is vulgar, offensive or obscene, and his judgment shall be final. Failure of the exhibitor to abide by the decision so made shall constitute forfeiture of all rights obtained by the provisions of this agreement and forfeiture of all rentals paid or owing by the terms of this agreement.

13. Jim Custer Enterprises, Inc. has the complete and final authority to terminate this contract at any time during move-in or show hours, resulting in a loss of all rentals paid and forfeiture of all rights obtained by the provisions of this agreement, if we deem it necessary for the safety of our staff and/or the overall security of the sale.

14. Jim Custer Enterprises, Inc. will assume no responsibility for damaged or lost articles or exhibits, but will use every means possible to protect said exhibits by furnishing manpower to secure exhibit areas 24 hours a day. All buildings and main entrance to the facility will be locked at the closing of each day of the sale.

15. Renter agrees to hold Jim Custer Enterprises, Inc. free and harmless of any liability, injury or damage to persons or property that may arise out of the use of the premises by the renter pursuant to this agreement, which liability, injury or damage does not result solely from the negligence or willful act of the employees or agents of Jim Custer Enterprises, Inc.

16. Renter agrees to hold Jim Custer Enterprises, Inc. free and harmless of any liability due to loss or damage to merchandise in transit or while in the exhibit buildings. Neither show management nor the show building nor any of their officers, agents, employees or other representative, shall be held accountable or liable for, and the same are hereby released from accountability or liability for, any damage, loss, harm or injury to the person or any property of the applicant or any of its officers, agents, employees or other representatives, resulting from fire, water, accident, terrorism or any other cause or act of any person on the premises or the building. Exhibitors are now required by show management to carry liability insurance and a physical certificate must be on file in our office prior to the show opening.

17. In the event of circumstances beyond our control, including, but not limited to, the fear or threat (whether actual or perceived) of a pandemic virus outbreak or an act of terrorism, this event will be canceled. Please refer to the cancellation policy on the front side of this application.

18. Any and all other regulations which may be necessary for the safety and benefit of exhibitors and the general public not listed in this application, shall be adhered to
by all exhibitors.

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